Ci Project Tehran 2017


In mid 2017 I began to work with Barana Art Institute Iran, the production company behind many of Homayoun Shajarian and Sohrab Pournazeri’s concerts. The project was to be musically driven theatre/concert with director Asghar Dashti, featuring wall to wall video mapping. I accepted the interesting job of technical director of this show. The venue was to be the Saadabad Palace (the Sha’s old palace in Tehran, the feet from his chopped down statue are still next to the building). There was an empty and difficult space and a production taking every available inch for the 400 seats. Every piece of tech and infrastructure was made with some pretty serious restraints, a lot of this due to the international sanctions restricting trade with Iran, pretty much all of the tools and infrastructure I would just buy or hire were just not available, so it was time to improvise. I will at some point write a blog post about the process as well as a detailed description of the tech data flow, and how I made a super cheap LTC sync system for audio, lights and video. Here are some picture of the show, video to come soon from filmmaker Hamid Nematollah. In the meantime a link to the farsi website is here