Holiday was an interactive experience made with Sydney artist duo spat+loogie.

“Need a Holiday? Spat+Loogie take you on a half hour tour through the highs and lows of package tourism. Get comfortable in an airplane seat, put on your video goggles and discover a service station inside Uluru, a beach in the countryside and a rainforest inside a casino. Be sure to adhere to security measures before boarding and expect a shower of sensory experiences from the wafting smell of your airplane meal to a spray of sand and sea. Souvenirs and fake tans are fully included.
A seamless fusion of live video, performance and new media technology, Holiday is a hyper-real experience that questions the role of tourism within our mediated world.”

Holiday was presented at;

NextWave festival in Melbourne 2008

Awesome Festival 2009

Tiny Stadiums Festival 2009