Eye is an installation developed in 2014 for TADAEX (Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition), Tehran Iran. The installation was made by Australian artist based in Amsterdam Frederick Rodrigues.

Eye is a simple optical trick that uses technology (specifically a 360 degree lens and an oculus rift) to complete the illusion. We have so many options to change our perspective today, and there are so many influences that change the way we see the world and the way we are perceived, it does not matter if it is lenses screens, filters, pictures with backdrops, or any other device that adds to the illusory life that we create.

Are the things that we see with the help of technology real? As we begin to blur the border between our digital selves and our physical realities how do we know what is part of us v.s. part of an abstract construct. These illusions are becoming tangible so does it matter, are we really ready to become virtual cyborgs? Do we know what we are getting ourselves into?