Garbage Laser

Collaborations, Works

The first presentation of an ongoing collaboration between Pouya Ehsaei and Fred Rodrigues.

This performance was presented at Set Festival (from Set Experimental Art Events in 2015. In this performance Pouya and Fred created a bidirectional feedback system where audio would influence image and image would influence audio. The images are generated by using opencv to scan pieces of garbage and detritus picked up in the studio where we rehearsed.

The system scans the contours and the uses delaunay triangulation to simplify the shapes and each set of triangulated contours can be frozen and then left to be affected by FFT results the incoming audio stream. The final images are sent as points via ILDA to an RGB laser. The complexity of the scanned garbage is sent to the audio system to control a number of parameters in the audio as well as to generate new layers of sound.
This collaboration is still in development and will continue in the future.

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