Social Fiction 1.0


For Social fiction 1.0 worked with PIPS:lab as a performer, musician and collaborator. We developed a large amount of software together for this project. I was also the technical director of this ambitious, augmented reality theatre project. The project was presented at De Parade 2013.

Social Fiction is a trilogy wherein PIPS:lab gets recklessly stuck between theatre, cinema , painting , gaming and music. It is a glimpse of the future where all boundaries between realities are completely diffused. PIPS:lab brings you into an augmented state of confusion.

Every day all social media ask us to provide a lot of input, also private information. And we give it. We give everything. Simply because we want to use these services to be able to share, tag and follow online. Like our friends. We loose most of our rights on this information – many times without knowing it. Let alone that we’re beware of the potential abuse.

In Social Fiction the personification of social media extorts information and even physical appearances from the performers and the audience. People are followed and scanned. Text messages get published and fall apart: seemingly meaningless, but forever saved and traceable. All the collected and constructed elements in the show are three dimensionally composed with our Potator tools in a motion capture installation. Social Fiction is a sequence of acts and actions filled with funky music and a unique solo on recorder. It results in a grand finale that breaks the boundaries between theatre, cinema and videogames.